FSA College - Cape Town Film School

To apply, fill out the application under the applications tab, or simply click this link - FSA College Application.

South African supporters looking to donate locally can now do so through our Film School Africa Trust account!

Simply EFT your generous donation to: Film School Africa Trust, FNB Bank, Acct. 624 6822 4341, Checking Account *Just remember to note FSA College to support education or reference an individual student if you feel lead.

In 2016, FSA launched a full-time, live-in 2-3 year program.

We have identified a need for students to have a time where they are removed from any and all other influences; where they are given the opportunity to have a Christian-based, full-time film school experience.

We are working to become accredited through MICT SETA and consider ourselves a training facility where students can learn and grow. Students can expect to graduate with a working knowledge of the film industry and a reel of which they can be proud, allowing them to apply for jobs in the booming South African film industry. If they remain for a third year, they can expect internship and practical work experience that will build their professional CV. Our College film school training is available on a beautiful campus in Somerset West (Cape Town). We are open to all students looking to study at a faith based tertiary institution with on campus housing.

We have graduated several students from our college level program and we are proud to boast that all graduates were quickly snatched into paid positions.

We have purchased a building that contains classrooms, a pool, and student/staff housing in the heart of Somerset West. If you wish to be part of this vital transition, please get in touch with us!

Our live-in program will continue to have an emphasis on previously disadvantaged students who can apply for scholarships (bursaries), while incorporating students from all walks of life.

Please note for those applying for a bursary, our bursary works differently from those at other schools. When you apply by filling out the bursary application, you then also submit bank statements for yourself and your family. We need to assess your level of need. Then based on that information, if you are selected for a bursary, you and your family/friends/support team will be required to contribute something to your education on a monthly basis. In addition to covering your housing, equipment, books and meals, you'll also be given R300 monthly for toiletries. If you are not up-to-date on your school fees payments, then this toiletry money will be applied to your school fees. All students contribute to their education with us, even those with a bursary, but that amount is based on your ability.

Application for bursaries and application for studies can be found under the applications tab.

Watch some of our favorite FSA College student films from the past 2 years by clicking here!