Who We Are

We are a team of people, equipping students to work in the booming South African film industry—and in the process using film as a form of art therapy. Harnessing the power of film to forever change lives.

In July, 2006, while shooting a short film in the township of Kayamandi, South Africa, Katie Taylor was approached by young man. What he said stayed with her since that meeting. He indicated that he was a filmmaker, and that he wanted to work in film professionally, but that he had no training, no equipment, and didn’t know how to make it happen.

What was so impressive about this young man is that despite his lack of opportunity, he still had an incredible vision and desire. And without question, he was thinking outside the box.

Some would ask why a young person—a high school age kid who lives in an impoverished area—should spend time learning the art and science of film-making. We believe the answer is clear—it is important to encourage outside-the-box thinking. In a society where the job market leaves nearly half of the country’s population unemployed, innovation is a vital skill that will open doors for this and future generations.

It's important to understand the problem of unemployment in South Africa. The national average for unemployment is around 26%, however, our beneficiaries are experiencing FAR higher than the national average. We do agree with the government on at least one thing, innovation is critical!

Listen to Katie as she shares about the organization with Choose Life Radio here!