Also, Katie Taylor will be traveling in March/April with a few film screenings along the way and would love to see you:

1) Orlando, Florida (March 7th-13th) - no film screenings

2) Atlanta, Georgia (March 21st-25th approx.)

3) Birmingham, Alabama (March 26th-29th approx.) - film screening at Samford University Mar. 27th at 3:30pm and in Tuscaloosa

4) Nashville, Tennessee (March 30th-April 6th approx.)

5) Indianapolis, Indiana April 7th-11th

6) Anderson University April 9th screening at 7pm

7) Taylor University (Upland, IN) chapel April 10th with a film screening that evening.

8) London April 12th-18th

9) Amsterdam April 19th-21st

Please watch the trailer, and don't forget to "like" our FaceBook page (scroll down) and check back for regular updates on festival screenings near you!

Thank you for your continued support of Film School Africa, we are only able to impact students because of your generosity!

Past Festival Details and Awards

The film won in Barcelona! And Nathan won the Best Emerging Filmmaker award in Dallas!