July 2013 Update

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Earlier this week a student was stabbed in the back.

Just today he was released from the hospital where he was being treated for blood loss and a collapsed lung.

When I went to visit him, I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions. Gratitude—that he’s going to be okay. Sadness—at the number of people sharing a room in government hospitals. And hope—that lessons were learned and that time heals our wounds.

He wasn’t exactly blameless in the exchange, but at the heart of the confrontation he was defending another student who was being bullied.

It’s an intense reminder of the importance of a place like Film School Africa.

The township is like a gang territory—not unlike South Central Los Angeles—it’s a place filled with incredible potential and beauty yet dangerously threatening to the success of young people.

My passion is to help students experience new life in Christ and help them secure their greatest potential. To light a path so they can experience their calling.

Truth is, more often than not they can’t see it.

Like my 16-year-old, now in Level 3, who started with me at the age of 14—who says, “I’m just not sure I’m good enough.”

But about this, I know better.

I’ve seen his brilliance time and again—a unique sensitivity he brings to a project—and I just know he’s going to change his world.

Film School Africa is in a unique place and amazing things are happening. We’ve formed an Indiana corporation and are filing for 501(c) 3 nonprofit status. An inaugural board of directors has taken on substantial responsibilities.

We’re still praying about a new and expanded facility that will facilitate continued growth and community reach.

But there will be more information about all of that later.

At the moment, I have greater concerns.

Film School Africa’s laptops are almost beyond use, so we’ve invested in a couple of Mac Minis to help us get by.

Our cameras? They will no longer allow the importing of critical data. So we invested in a mini DV deck.

And my credit card—I don’t think we should talk about that.

I don’t want my dad to experience unnecessary chest pains. Let’s just say that it is difficult to imagine things getting much tighter.

While it’s winter down here, I know its summer for you—probably not a good time to ask you for a ministry/outreach gift.

But I honestly need your help—right now!

So will you consider a one-time or recurring gift so that we can continue the work and ministry in Africa?

The hope you provide is changing lives.

These kids have been stabbed in the back too many times—together you and I, equipped with the life changing Good News of Christ, can help secure a dramatically brighter future.

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